Housing Authority Camera Systems

When the Housing Authority of Maysville needed state-of-the-art camera and security systems, they knew exactly who to call.

Today’s surveillance systems are a combination of tried and true hardware, advanced software, and huge hard drives storing all footage. When a review of data is desired, the user simply makes a few mouse clicks from any connected computer and hits “play”.

When the Housing Authority of Maysville found itself in need of such a system for the safety of it’s residents, they headed to the local experts.

Courika Solutions designed a custom system to cover four separate properties, with a total camera count of more than 40 cameras. No small feat when taking into account the coordination between Courika and a dozen sub contractors, laborers, and the challenging weather during the 4 month project.

This project pushed the envelope of technical prowess, equipment and manpower management, and allowed Courika Solutions to shine at the end of the day.

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