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Cameras, Cameras, Cameras… at the new Beverly Hills Inn LA

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The new owners of the Daniel Boone Motor Inn (renamed The Beverly Hills Inn LA) knew they needed cameras to protect their new investment, and they knew exactly who to go to – Courika Solutions.  Together we mapped out where 25 cameras would go – both inside and outdoors to protect the property.  With the ability to add 7 more for a total of 32 eyes in the sky, we knew this place would be much safer, and soon.

With our talented staff and some ingenuity, the project went off without a hitch.  In just 3 weeks, we had cabled what amounted to a campus consisting of 5 buildings across parking lots and under a lot of asphalt.  Coupled with lots of attic time, the end result was over 15,000 feet of network cable and 25 night vision cameras recording every move.  That’s what we call success…

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Housing Authority Camera Systems

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When the Housing Authority of Maysville needed state-of-the-art camera and security systems, they knew exactly who to call.

Today’s surveillance systems are a combination of tried and true hardware, advanced software, and huge hard drives storing all footage. When a review of data is desired, the user simply makes a few mouse clicks from any connected computer and hits “play”.

When the Housing Authority of Maysville found itself in need of such a system for the safety of it’s residents, they headed to the local experts.

Courika Solutions designed a custom system to cover four separate properties, with a total camera count of more than 40 cameras. No small feat when taking into account the coordination between Courika and a dozen sub contractors, laborers, and the challenging weather during the 4 month project.

This project pushed the envelope of technical prowess, equipment and manpower management, and allowed Courika Solutions to shine at the end of the day.